Monday, 1 November 2010

54 Sleeps to go....

It’s a duck thing!

Today’s blog is about a find I made yesterday which I think is super funky!! Before I tell you about it I need to explain why it is even needed…. We live next to the Trent river, well two roads away from it and being so close to such a beautiful place we had to bring it into our traditions. On Boxing Day we like to go to the bridge over the river and have a rubber duck race. So I set about searching for this year’s ducks and I found the most perfect ducks ever!!! There is a huge range of ducks available these days from the dentist duck (which made me think of our friends the Marshalls (miss you loads!))  Too zombie ducks. But the ducks I fell in love with are nativity ducks, that’s right Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, wise men, a Sheppard, an angel and animals.

They are £8.99 for 12, don’t worry we will not be throwing the baby Jesus over the side of the bridge. We are going to attach a tag to them this year with our address on and hope we get some sent back, it would be fun to find out how far they went.
The only thing is I am trying to think of a suitable prize for the winner of this years, I am thinking maybe a trophy. Maybe spray paint the baby Jesus gold and attach him to a trophy stand. Would that be appropriate?
The ducks will make their appearance in the Christmas day cracker along with a section of the story of Jesus’ birth.

I had another good buy today, I have been looking for black napkins to fit in with our dining room theme of black and gold. Today I found them for just £1.99 for four, what a bargain!!

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