Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Heart Faces - Beautiful B&W

This week's contest subject over at I Heart Faces is Beautiful B&W.
My entry is very personal to me.
On the 1st of February 2012 my families life was turned upside down by  a disease that touches all too many lives.
My Husband had his Cancer diagnosis confirmed.
After spending a month in hospital and enduring two complicated and huge operations my husband is finally home,
and we hope well on his way to winning his fight with Cancer.

We decided that we should make some kind of record of this fight for our children as it is now a part of who we are and our family history.
As I really rather enjoy photography we decided I would take a photo each month to keep a record of his fight and the effects it has on his body and mind.
This is the first photo taken just after he finally returned home after what has been and will continue to be a grewling and difficult fight.

After not picking up a camera for almost two months since this journey began it felt amazing to be photographing such an inspirational and courageous man.

Thank you for looking x