Tuesday, 2 November 2010

53 Sleeps to go....

Today I turn my attention to keeping the children entertained at the dinner table on Christmas day. We all like to have a good natter over dinner and there is generally a little bit of a wait between courses, but this can be utterly boring for children so you can do one of two things:

  1. Talk about Ben 10 and Disney princess the whole meal, or
  2. Give the children something fun to do which will keep them entertained allowing the adults a little time to chat.

Last year I gave each of the children a giant colouring sheet for there table mat and a set of crayons. That works pretty well but can get boring quickly.
So this year I am going to step up a little and make each of the children and adults a favour box with fun things to keep everyone entertained and happy.
A few of the fun things I have found which may well find there way into the children’s favour box are:

You can even do them to a specific theme, you could go with the obvious, a Christmas theme or you could do them around each child’s individual interests for instance for girls fairies and princesses and for boys pirates and toy story.

For your adult guests you obviously would need to make your favour boxes a little more grown up. Unless of course you want to remind them what it was like when they were a child at Christmas. The perfect way to do this is to go vintage!

Tomorrow I will try and give you some ideas for more grown up favour boxes.
So don’t forget to come back!

Oh, one big favour box no no.... Don't put sweets or food items in them. The only sweet treats should be the dessert and after dinner mints. Otherwise you may find everyone is full up before finishing the food or the children have gotten hyper on the sugar!

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