Friday, 19 October 2007

33 and 66

That's 33 days until Thanksgiving and 66 until Christmas. Until then we are trying to get the family over a stomach bug that seems to have been making the rounds of the area and getting back into the routine of work and school.

David is away with work quite a bit over the next few weeks and the kids are on half-term so Rebecca is running the show in it's entirety. Should be fun. We just have to keep the kids focused and busy- Becky is great at that.

We are just looking at what decorations to get for the holidays. B&Q have got a great range so we are excited to pour some of David's bonus back into the company... they have got some black and orange gnomes that will look great on the stairs!

Now we just need to re tile the kitchen floor and make the new serving hatch to the dining room look pretty... plenty of time!

West Holiday October 2007 in Pictures

Day one was at the pleasure beach in Blackpool. After dark we cruised the strip (as much as you can in a Mormon wagon) and saw the illuminations

this ride is awesome- it’s a giant pendulum that takes you 100ft in the air then waves you around. I’m the one (David) that has the long legs and waving.

Just Cruisin'

Where baby, I don't care

I love my family!

Valhalla is by far the coolest flume ride. This was Rebecca and Sammy’s first go… I guess someone forgot to mention that it was a little wet (ooops!)

the kids loved this one- they must have taken seven rides over the course of the day

at least there was no hat-knapping


Target sited... fire!

Micah… like a shark sensing blood in the water…

he attacks… a fatal bite!

I'm cheesy!

mmmmm... blue

wow- steam!


I see no ships!

at the Beatrix Potter attraction. The models are amazing…

some are a little scary though!

don’t touch the exhibit! But she is just so darned cute!

Lara is so defensive of her brothers

a red tree!

and huge rhubarb... stuff

a gate in the middle of the forest?

probably the most pointless "maze" in the world (Muncaster)

What did he see?

Sammy got to touch an eagle owl (they are soft and warm in case you are wondering)

Everyone is tired by the end of the day...

this is why we love the Lake District so much!

Excitable little fellow!

YMCA- you can see that Rebecca and I are the product of the Church Youth program!

so beautiful!

We got good vibes when we arrived at the South Lakes Wild Animal Park and saw some meditating lemurs sitting on the entrance gate.

I had no idea giraffes tongues were so long

I have not seen a robin for years

This guy sat at the top of this 50ft pole howling for over an hour

this one was watching it’s howling friend… he looks about ready to climb the pole and push him off!

I’m on to you… stay away!

Having four rambunctious rapscallions of my own, I felt some affinity with this poor lemur…

these penguins must have been hungry… or just plain vicious…

after Lara's bum

and tender Micah cutlets

Oh no! Micah! Wake up! Don’t let your guard down!

Bonzai! Lemur attacks!

Brothers bear

These pygmy hippos were so chilled- these monkeys were jumping on this pair for ages

I love seeing adults and young together. It is easy to see why people personify animals when you see the young learning and playing.

This made me smile when I was looking through the photos later in the day. I guess everyone got tired of the school groups!

stupid piggy!

the ferocious bunny, after stalking his prey, attacks his unsuspecting victim…

Sammy Irwin chills after a hard day of animal hunting

I was surprised how fast tigers are. This chicken was fixed about 20ft up a telephone pole and the tigers had them and were down again in less than five seconds.

What? Me? You want to sit on my lap? I am so honoured!

What a great holiday... and none of us got really sick (unlike holidays taken during the past two years). Walking in the beautiful countryside, playing with lemurs and wallabies, feeding giraffes. All with the family. Wonderful...