Sunday, 15 July 2012

Candles making

This week has been a fun week!
David & I have been busy bike riding and hiking (across over grown woods!), 
and having a lot of fun doing it.
This weekend though we enjoyed a lovely day at Clumber park.

We had planned on going bug hunting,
but ended up visiting the discovery centre and checking out their Bee display.

The children were able to observe the Bees being very busy!
Sammy informs me that the white bits in the comb are baby bees developing!
(my children knowing more than me begins!)

Micah rather enjoyed examining the Bees.
We had the pleasure of trying 6 different types of honey too...

we took a vote on which we liked the best and bought a jar,
we are saving it toward Christmas.
This is something we try and do every year.
We like to buy little special food items throughout the year at places we visit and have fun
 and save them to enjoy at Christmas.
That way we can remember the fun we had while enjoying the treats!

The children even had the opportunity to make their own candles!
Everyone loved doing this, even Oliver (2 years old) loved it and did a wonderful job.

I may be biased, but I think these are the best candles I have ever seen!!!

We then went and enjoyed a play in the park,
A BBQ, and some games in a random field near by.

England being England,
 we did experience a period of quick retreat under the boot of our minibus as the heavens opened.
(Thank goodness for needing such a big car!)
But when the clouds dispersed we were rewarded for our endurance with wonderful sunshine!!

Which Oliver took advantage of to steal Micah's bike...
Sadly for him he couldn't reach the pedals....
Lucky for him he has a very loving big sister!

We had a wonderful day and just as we had finished packing up
and driving out of the field the heavens opened and released a downpour
that would have made the most defiant of Brits go running for shelter.
It did create some beautiful rainbows,
which allowed for a spot the rainbow competition...
there were 6 rainbows spotted!

All in all a lovely day!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Beginning of the rest of our lives...

This week has marked the end to Cancer treatment!
For now and hopefully forever.
So here is our journey through Cancer in photographs...

The first one was taken straight out of hospital.
David had spent a whole month in hospital and undergone two major surgeries.

This one was just over a month later,
David lost sooo much weight that he needed a new wedding band.
I am pleased to report he has now gained weight again and is back in his old ring!

The chemo months...
These months saw David very tired and poorly.
But he was a trooper and fought through it and even managed to continue working...
in fact David being David he has worked everyday (bar the two days of surgery).

The best of course for last!
The very last chemo tablet!!!
You can easily see the relief on David's face.

I would love to have taken more and truly documented the journey our family has experienced this year,
but time and situation did not allow.

Through all of this I know my family has been truly blessed in ways we would never have realised had this opportunity for growth not come along.
Don't get me wrong, we would have very much loved it not to have been here in the first place,
but we have experienced to many wonderful experience and blessings and grown closer to wonderful friends and even made new friends because of 'vlad' visiting. 
(Vlad is the name we gave the tumour)

I can honestly say Heavenly Father loves us and is mindful of our family,
how humbling is that, to know, and I mean know Heavenly Father knows us and wants the best for us.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, fasted, helped, cared for and supported our family.
YOU are truly a blessing in our lives and we love you very much.