Wednesday, 3 November 2010

52 Sleeps to go....

I promised to give you some ideas for adult favour boxes, I have looked high and low for great ideas and found a few but have decided to throw them all aside and encourage an alternative favour box instead.

The purpose of Christmas is not how much can I spend, what can I get given, or how much I can impress those around me, although I do like to make it an extra special time for everyone. Christmas is a perfect time to remember Jesus Christ and what he has done for us. I was trying to think about  ways we can show our gratitude to him. We can dedicate ourselves to always doing the very best we can and making good decisions and that is one way of showing him we are thankful but is that enough? I don’t think it is. I believe we must do more, far more.

Christmas is the perfect time to express love and kindness to those around us even those we do not know. Charity and love are two wonderful ways to give just a little back of what we have been given. So I have decided today’s post will be about what we can do to help those with less than we are lucky enough to have or who have had tragic events to deal with.

So here go’s, some ideas of what we can do easily and everyone if they can afford a new games system can afford to do too:
  • Give at least one day up and go and help in a soup kitchen for the homeless. They are there we just don’t see them. This can show you first hand just how fortunate we really are.
  • Go visit an elderly peoples home, not everyone in these homes has people to go visit them. Christmas can be a very lonely time of year for them.
  • Visit elderly of single neighbours, I can’t imagine spending Christmas on my own not knowing if anyone is even thinking of you.
  • Read to people in hospital, again hospitals can be very lonely places, you may have people around you all the time but it doesn’t mean they talk to you!
  • Twelve days of Christmas, Take a small but thoughtful gift to someone’s home for the twelve days running up to Christmas. This can be a fun one and is best if done in secret.
  • Bake cookies, you can bake up batches of cookies cheaply and make it a family fun activity. Then take them to people you know could do with a smile.
  • Remember women’s refuges, there are many women and children who for one reason or another need to run from there homes. The numbers of women and children in these refuges always increases over the festive period. Let them know you care and they are loved by someone. Take small gifts, hygiene products, clothes. Remember many of them will have had to leave in a rush and won’t have anything of their own. There is a refuge believe it or not in just about every town, small or big.
  • Give to charity, there are plenty of wonderful hardworking and worthwhile charities out there who need your help and can’t function without it. Many of them have shops so you can buy your gifts directly from them and give that way. Many of them offer alternative gifts like buying 500 bowls of porridge for staving African children for £10.50 or 100 polio vaccines for African children for £13 the possibilities are endless! These gifts could provide an ideal adult favour for your table. It may also encourage conversation of a more thoughtful kind!

There are no boundaries to what you can do, how many people you can show service to and lives you can brighten.
I would like to challenge all those who read this to make this Christmas a charitable Christmas, spread some love and if you want to come back and tell me about your experience and how it made you feel I would love to hear about it.

Thank you! x   

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