Saturday, 20 November 2010

35 Sleeps to go....

The tree is decorated and the turkey has been eaten!
Today we celebrated Thanksgiving West style, as we sat at the table we shared what we were each thankful for, the children surprised me with some of the things they were thankful for as they were very thoughtful. I have to say I Love my family very much and am so glad I get the privilege of not only knowing them but getting to be their Mummy and Wife too!

Samuel and David cooked the dinner today, Samuel really did do a fabulous job. I can't believe just how amazing he is in the kitchen. David and Samuel are so sweet to watch as they work together  and it makes Samuel so happy and puts him in such a good mood to do it.

During the dinner when everyone pulled out their napkin out came a nativity piece along with it. We decided we would talk about each one and explain why we are thankful for them and who they were and what they did. I was taken back a little by just how much knowledge my older children have, they out shine me! I guess this means I have to start learning and do it quickly before they realise how much more intelligent they are than me!

As if Sammy had not done enough he then also helped me set the table.

We tried out our little stars too...

After dinner we went into the living room to decorate the tree...

and the fireplace....

When it was all finished we had a little dance....

and Pudding practiced attacking reindeer.... 

So Rudolf had best watch out!!

We then enjoyed a Christmas film and then it was time for the children to go to bed.
David and I are going to finish off the evening with watching 3d polar express on the projector!

I love this time of year!


  1. How on earth do you manage to do all this?! It looks absolutely fabulous Becky, I wish I had the creativity to do this for my kids :)

  2. Haha Katie, says the mum who braves aeroplanes with two toddlers!!! Your girls are looking so grown up now, where does the time go?!