Wednesday, 10 November 2010

45 Sleeps to go....

Today it feels a little like Christmas has come early in the West house, I got a tax rebate, granted it wasn’t what it should have been but something is better than nothing and even better than a demand! I bought a subscription to Good Housekeeping, which is great in itself but it was also half price and I get (hopefully) a Green and Black’s chocolate gift hamper containing:

  • 24 miniature bar collection
  • 10 different large bar flavoured chocolate bars
  • 2 cooks chocolate bars
  • 1 tub of cocoa

Always nice to get something for nothing, given that I buy the magazine every month full price, this is two bonuses in one!

Then David get’s a exciting email from his boss telling him to go buy himself a new work laptop, which he get’s to use for personal use. David is very excited about this, but being a dutiful employee despite it being within his budget given he still got an extra £250 knocked off the price and a hard drive upgrade.

So all in all a good day for us, yes I am easily pleased and David expensive to please but hey, that’s us! Oh and on another plus size I got another two a*’s on assignments today. Which make 3 in a row and all assignments I have done so far this year a*!
I am very excited about them as I had never seen an a* in relation to me before a couple of weeks ago, the hard work is definitely worth it!

It hit me today that it is only two weeks until Thanksgiving and it is Samuel's birthday two weeks on Sunday. The decorations go up in our house on Thanksgiving, so much work I need to do still, better get working!

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