Wednesday, 17 November 2010

38 Sleeps to go....

The turkey is out and defrosting!!

David has again been busy making pecan pies and making the dough for croissant, the dough however exploded in the fridge.... so back to the start on that again!

OK, so today we have lots of things ending we have been selling on ebay, we have managed to sell just about everything we put on. What has not sold has not ended yet so you never know what the last few minutes will bring. Why are we selling stuff on ebay, well we wanted to have a clear out before Christmas comes and we had a number of outfits we no longer want and don't fit.

David has lost a significant amount of weight and so had a number of suits which no longer fit him, so off to ebay with them. One sold for 99p but we were amazed to get £26 for one. I had a number of ball gowns which I no longer wanted and won't wear and don't want anymore so off they have gone too.The money we raise from selling these items will go to buy the materials to make our garlands and buy David a new dinner jacket.

So if you want to buy some extra special treats to make your Christmas special, while affordable then get searching through your cupboards and drawers there is bound to be Lot's of things you no longer want or need. Your rubbish is someone Else's treasure!

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