Monday, 23 July 2007

Rain, Floods, Harrison's 4th birthday and Micah's blessing.

What insane weather. Although we have another flood watch in place on the river, so far we have been fine. Quedos to the local council for their improvement to the drainage improvements after the last floods a few years ago.


Amongst the crazy weather of the past few weeks, we saw the culmination of months of planning with Harrison’s 4th birthday party. The dinosaur-themed party took place on the 21st July and included pin the tail on the pterodactyl, loudest-roar, fossil hunt (with real fossils) and an indestructible piƱata.


Many of Harrison’s school friends descended upon Clumber Park, braving the rain, deep puddles and soggy ground to congregate under a huge B&Q gazebo ( These intrepid fun-seekers ate stacks of candy, their own weight in hot-dogs, burgers and cake and got soaked.


Harrison and Lara decided to see how far they could wade into a rather large puddle/lake. Reaching the top of their Wellington boots was no deterrent for our bold adventurers, emerging from the other side of the lagoon with boots full of muddy water and significant squelching.


Micah received a name and a blessing 22nd July. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a child is given this blessing in his early months. It is at this stage that their name is formally recorded on church records (the name part) and receive a blessing as the Spirit directs. Micah was blessed by his father with Alex McConnachie, John Cottam-McConnachie, John Maxwell and David Martin assisting. Among the words spoken, Micah was admonished to be faithful in learning and living the Gospel, that he would be a pillar of strength to his siblings, that he would have vitality and strength and be protected from the ills of the world as he remained righteous.


Following the blessing, family and a few friends met at the house for a BBQ. For the first time in a few weeks, the weather was almost summery- we had blue sky (sometimes) and not a lot of rain. Thank goodness! Gave us the chance to get rid of the last of the party food from the day before… especially good because our new fridge does not arrive until next Thursday!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Here We Are, Our First Blog

Well, hello,

we are the wests,
In our family there is David, Becky, Samuel(5), Harrison(4), Larakia(2) and Micah(6 months).

This week has been a mad week filled with happy moments, and stessful moments.

Micah started crawling, and while trying to get my attention in the car by crying moaned mum!!! i shouldnt be to excited by that as it was done in moan, but i really am!!
Harrison is at school for the last day of the achedemic year today, i cant believe it is holiday time already, Samuel finishes school tomorrow.

Samuel is turning into such a big grown up boy, it scares me to death, he can spell, read, write, has his own little group of friends.
so very scary!!!

Harrison is becoming very cheeky also, he is the master of practical jokes, and he looks so darn cute that he gets away with it all.
His teacher always cringes whenever Harrison brings a box to school for show and tell, because it will always be something creepy or gross, his latest show and tell was a dragonfly he found in the garden, time before that was a dinosaur tooth....yes a real one.... before that a snail, then a gient moth..... he does love his bugs!!!

Larakia has decieded she is to big for nappies now and so has hung them up in exchange for some dora pants.
she loves looking after Micah, she likes to feed him anything she can find.
She likes nothing more than to be the boss, and she is cute enough that she can do it and everyone just says aaahhhhh how cute.

David is doing well at work and in his callings, he is the first and only councellor on the branch presidency. He is always working so very hard, he is a very good man.
David has singlehandedly created a garden for the children, he has given us an amazing decked area, and new walls and gates, turfed area, and soon hopefully british weather permitting we will have new patio doors as well.
He works so hard all the time to give is a great home and wonderful memories.

And now for me, well i am the sunday school teacher in the branch, i am still working one day a week at tesco, i have started my own buisness creating wedding staionary and other special occasion stationary.... and had some orders already!!!, i am starting a degree in september ( from home) in health studies, busy with the PTFA.....yep im a soccer mum (mom).
I'm loving family life, they are amazingly hard work but the reward i get from them is amazing.
oh and i cant believe i am saying this im loving gardening.... i always thought it was for oldies, but no i decided to give my house a bit of a country look so put up some window baskets, and some blanter and hanging baskets, and they didnt die, they are growing its amazing, and my back garden has flowers everywhere, i cant believe it, i am even successfully growing strawberries!!! which i havn't been able to try yet, as everytime one gets ripe the kids are there ready and waiting to eat them!! The children are loving having a garden, its the first time any of them have had a garden to play in.

anyway i have to go and get ready for the school run, i hope everyone is doing well and happy!!

love ya!