Sunday, 7 November 2010

48 Sleeps to go.....

Today we had the privilege of attending the blessing of Isaac Brown, and then after church enjoyed a pleasant get together.

I went home with Anne and her mum Kate to get things ready, three ladies in the kitchen cooking together. It got me thinking about how amazing it must be for close families at Christmas. I dream of the day my girls (and boys if they want to) can be working together, chatting about anything and everything enjoying each others company.  David and I love cooking together but many hands truly do make for light work. I am excited for the future and the present, there is truly nothing better than family and spending fond time with each other.

I have come to realise in recent years that family is not necessarily those you were born to but those you choose to have in your life as time goes by. Friends can be an amazing and strong influence to us. I have had the good fortune of making some remarkable friends who have changed my life for the better and who are always there for you in thick and thin no matter what.
A family is truly what you make of it and who you invite into it, I hope this Christmas will be able to enjoy many fond times with the family we have made.

We hope to enjoy dinner parties as well as a few social get togethers the children can enjoy. Amongst all the buying and rushing around we need to remember to stop and take some time to enjoy ourselves to!

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