Thursday, 4 November 2010

51 Sleeps to go.....

The BIG cookie exchange!

I am hoping to be hosting a big cookie exchange party this year. What is one of those? I hear you ask! Well the clue is in the name….
  • First of all decide on about 6 families you would like to invite to a pre-Christmas get together.
  • Giving plenty of notice, about a month is best; invite them along to your exchange party.
  • Each person bakes or prepares, assuming six families are coming, six dozen of a family favourite Christmas treat. It can be cookies but it does not have to be.
  • Each family will also print a copy of the recipe and how to make it instructions, so everyone who comes knows how to re-make the delights they take home.
  • At the party each family takes home a dozen of each of the treats brought along by all the other families.
  • I plan on making it a relatively light affair, enjoying some festive music along with hot chocolate with all the trimmings and candy canes and some delightful chatter.
  • If you have lots of children coming along, as the host you could bake a number of cookies ready for the children to decorate.
  • If you want to add a little family fun and competition you could bake up some ginger bread house kits and have a decorating competition.  
  • Maybe put on a few children’s games like pass the parcel, though keep the games light as you need to be able to relax and enjoy the party too.
  • If you are feeling super Christmassy you could even arrange for a visit from Santa!
  • Make sure everyone brings containers to bring home the treats in.
  • Ask all your guests what they will be making so as to be sure not to get lot’s of the same thing.
  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!

If you want to come along to mine it will be held early to mid December but you need to let me know you are interested. So leave you name below in the comment section. If you don’t let me know I won’t know to invite you!!

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