Thursday, 31 March 2011

And the winner is.........

The winner has been announced!!

If you would like to find out exactly which shot won all you need to do is:

Click on this link below and press 'Like'!

Thank you to everyone who voted.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Limited time offer...

It's an exciting time over at Lili*Lala Photography at the moment and to celebrate the launch of our website and facebook page we have decided to offer our beautiful, wonderful clients a very special offer!

We are offering a session package containing:
  • Pre - session consultation
  • A two hour session
  • Post processing
  • 10 high resolution images on CD - With copyright release! 
So you can make as many prints as you like!!!

All for just £60!!!

Normal cost would be £160, so that's a saving of £100!

All images can be purchased as prints, canvases or photobooks at an extra cost (price on application)

If you like more images from your shoot extra copyright released images can be purchased at a cost of £10 each.

This offer is restricted to the first 10 applicants and only upon receipt of a £20 non refundable deposit will the session date be secured.
Remaining fee is payable two weeks prior to shoot.

For this offer sessions must be booked by April 30th 2011.
Offer is limited to week days if session is taken in July or August.

A suplimentary charge may apply for travel if session is required more than 20 miles from Gainsborough.
This is charged at a rate of 30p a mile.

We take paypal, cash or qheque.

 We look forward to creating memories that will last a lifetime with you!

You can find us on Facebook and keep upto date with our latest offers and what we are upto.

Join Lili*Lala Photography on Facebook!

For more information and to book an appointment please email me at

    Tuesday, 29 March 2011

    Open to public vote......

    Hello ladies and gentlemen!!

    I am working on new buisness cards at the moment.
    While putting together these cards it came to my attention that it would be lovely to make these cards all about my customers, friends and family!

    So I have decided to give you guys the vote on which pictures beomes my new buisness card and will be used on future advertising.

    Here are your options:

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    Option 4

    Option 5

    Option 6

    Option 7

    Option 8

    Option 9

    Option 10

    Option 11

    Please take just a moment to vote, you can do it by placing a comment in the box below or messaging me on Facebook.

    Exciting times!!

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    It's been a while....

    It's crazy how fast time can go by when you are busy!
    The last few weeks have seen alot of fun for The West's and a little sickness (again) too.
    It has also seen a few milestones for some of the West family such as:
    • Liliana - has potty trained fully and had several outings without any accidents!! - Nappy FREE!!!
    • Oliver - is now up and about, he can now walk when just holding on for confidence!
    • David - has taken a week's holiday and so far NOT WORKED!!!! (He is a workaholic)
    • Becky - with the help of some wonderful ladies has helped raise £1332.40 for the school playground fund!!!
    • Larakia - has been consistently been getting all her spellings right!!
    • Samuel - has made some serious improvement in his maths, which he was doing really well in anyway!
    • Harrison - had a fabulous report from his teacher in his late parent-teacher conference.
    • Micah - has been in a good mood EVERYDAY!!!!
    So all in all it has been a good few weeks, we are enjoying taking some stop time and actually being able to see each other and enjoy each other.
    Making Magic Memories to Last a Lifetime!!

    Monday, 14 March 2011

    Three Peak Hike

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Your help is needed!
    On behalf of Everton School PTA we will be embarking on a huge challenge!!

    During the summer holidays we will be taking to the mountains.... the three tallest in the United Kingdom to be exact.
    Over the space for three days we will be driving 791 miles, climbing and hiking 30 miles, over 3 speperate peaks.

    Ben Nevis (Scotland)
    Scafell Pike (The Lake District)
    Snowdon (Wales)

    We are so excited about the challenge ahead and can't wait to start planning our routes and where we will stay etc.

    What can we do to help I hear you ask.... well we won't be asking you to climb the mountains too but we will be asking for your support in the way of sponsorship!!

    So if you would like to donate money, then please contact us as you can do it via cheque, cash or paypal.
    Together we can make a difference!

    Tuesday, 8 March 2011

    A sweet little cherub...

    I have been editing a few more photo's and thought I would put one or two up on here.

    This one reminds of the painting of sweet little cherubs in the Sistine Chaple by Michelangelo.

    here is one more, trying out a texture or two...

    and slightly warmer...

    I do like playing about with images.... sometimes they work sometimes they don't.
    The best part is playing about and finding what works for you!

    I heart faces - Best face in February

    This weeks challenge is entitled best face in February, I did not take many pictures in February so not much to choose from but here is my choice.

    Monday, 7 March 2011

    A Baby this cute makes my job easy....

    Today I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful baby boy named Benjamin.

    He was a pleasure to photograph and so cute to cuddle too..... Don't worry I am not getting broody!

    Here is a selection of photo's from this shoot...

    This is my personal favorite!

    and then a gorgeous little boy came along to joint the shoot, he was soooo funny!!

    (Got your nose! Hehe)

    Oh what a wonderful way to spend a day!!!

    Saturday, 5 March 2011

    A trial run...

    A rather lovely friend of mine has lent me her beautiful camera to have a go with before I buy mine, just to make sure it is what I want.
    I have only had it for a couple of hours but I have had so much fun with it!
    I decided to take some pics of the children just to get to grips with it before the newborn shoot I am doing on Monday.

    Here is what I got from that shoot..... remember I have never used this particular camera or lenses before so it could be better in time.

    I am very happy with the pictures I am getting from this kit and think I may have found my camera companion for the next couple of years!