Saturday, 6 November 2010

49 Sleeps to go....

He’s behind you!!

Today we bought our pantomime tickets! This year we will be seeing The Wizard of Oz. I was never a fan of the film but I am sure the pantomime will be fabulous.

Although Thanksgiving signals the start of festivities in our home, which is when the decorations come out and our friendly Elf comes to stay. The pantomime visit is the start of the main Christmas celebrations in our home.

Every year we take a walk to the theatre to enjoy a panto and then home for yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream and gingerbread chocolate sprinkles or winter blend (hints of cinnamon) chocolate sprinkles.  We ideally like to do the pantomime on Christmas Eve but in recent years the theatre has stopped putting on a show on Christmas Eve. We used to go to the pantomime in the afternoon and then come home have our very special three fish roast dinner and then Santa would have left the Christmas Eve pj’s and then the usual Christmas Eve routines would be carried out. But that has had to change a little over the past couple of years. But a small change can be a good change as we have had to develop and modify how we do things, which has also meant an extension of the main Christmas festivities to an extra couple of days.

Now we will visit the panto, come home and have a hot chocolate as described above and then have another scrummy family meal. Then watch a lovely Christmas movie.
Christmas Eve now includes a nice long walk and home to dinner and a cosy fire.

Change can be hard sometimes but it can bring with it a few exciting and wonderful new traditions. We love traditions, having lots of family traditions helps keep families close and gives everyone the best gift of all, fond memories!

Keep an eye out for pantomimes near you, most if not all theatres put on pantomimes every year and they are generally very affordable and a perfect way to start Christmas!

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