Tuesday, 23 November 2010

32 Sleeps to go....

I have no idea what to write today because I am doing secret things!
I am spending the evening putting together my homemade gifts for my favourite person in the whole world. So I am afraid it is all top secret.

Maybe we can all make a stand this year and not spend a fortune on store bought gifts which by two months down the line we can't even remember what  we got.
So off the top of my head here are some ideas:
  •  A voucher book - filled with all sorts of things you know will make the recipients day. Like a sleep in, breakfast in bed, A candle lite dinner etc.
  • Cookies
  • Homemade candles
  • Homemade soap.
  • Homemade sweets
  • A gourmet gift basket
  • Find out from his/her parents what they always want and look on ebay or in vintage stores and buy it to surprise them.
  • Take some photos and have them made into an album or get them put on a canvas. If a canvas is too expensive then have it made into a large poster and buy a secondhand frame from a charity shop.
  •  Make up some jars with recipe for cakes and cookies and soups.
  • Make up a hamper filled to the brim with things that he/she will love to help them relax; like a book, hot chocolate, a mug, bubble bath, some of their favorite chocolate.
  • Buy old maps of places you have been together and frame them.
  •  Book them a day at a spa and take the day off work so you can look after the children and then cook a special dinner.
 Whatever you choose to do make sure you put your all into making it extra special, after all if you are doing it for your husband/ wife then they are worth every comment of effort you can possibly put in!
So go to and make things.... come back and tell me what you have been up to.... in secret if needs be!

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