Monday, 22 November 2010

33 sleeps to go...

Today Rebecca is feeling a little sicky so the blogging reins are being controlled delicately by David (with his spanky new Alienware M11X notebook). Becky apologises for the diminishment of quality...

With the long range weather forecast looking like the next few weeks will be bracing, we have been taking stock of the warm-weather gear in the house. We now have a plethora of boots, gloves, scarves, hats and coats with ample wellies, Gore-Tex boots, winter socks and waterproof over-suits thrown in for good measure.

Every time we apply the layers on our kids, I remember a classic Christmas movie that I loved as a kid;

Liliana and Oliver certainly end up Maggie-esque.

We love snow!

Love it!

Luuuurve it!

And in the run up to Christmas, can there be anything more festive and cockle-warming than sitting around a blazing fire with hot chocolate, soothing music (or more likely Super Mario on the Wii) and snow falling outside?

I think that Bing himself would be hard-pushed to top such a scene!

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