Friday, 12 November 2010

43 Sleeps to go....

Oh what a day!

I went to meadowhall shopping mall today with a fabulous friend and we took our little boys with us. They were wonderful and didn’t complain at all, being 6 months and 3 months that surprised me somewhat. We took my double pram and the whole day people kept stopping us to look at our “twins”. I chose to kindly inform them that actually they were triplets and Oliver had eaten the third baby hence why he is a tad bigger then Isaac.

We had a great time shopping and got some pretty good deals, though didn’t spend too much. We went to have lunch and encountered a few difficulties and disappointments. First the waiter got the drink order wrong, fine not a problem just take it back and correct it. Then he didn’t ask me whether I wanted chips, mash or baked potato, which I had want the potato but eventually got chips. Then politely we started tucking into our food without complaint. Next thing I know there was a rather gross thing in my mouth….. A HAIR!!! I was not impressed, but politely told the wait and got the response “what you want me to do”. I was rather taken back but said could I get a replacement dinner. He brought out my new non hair filled dinner and it was rather yummy. Then Anne ordered a fruit salad for dessert and he didn’t bother to ask again if she wanted ice cream, cream or neither with it. She had not wanted anything with it. But politely didn’t say a word, by this point I had to say something to the manager as it had just got insane really, he was really rather rude. The manager was wonderful and offered to remove the cost of our drinks. I was happy with that.  Then she went off and must have had a word with him because he came back to our table and had a five minute moan about how he had said sorry and had been polite and how after working there for six months he knew what people always wanted with their food when they order certain things so didn’t feel the need to ask us what we wanted. Guess what sir; you didn’t know what we wanted!!! I think the manager was rather embarrassed by what had happened because she then came over and offered the meal for free too, so I went away full and happy.

On the plus side we enjoyed a rather long visit to the fabulous Disney store!! I bought some amazing deals, I always imagine Disney store being overly expensive because lets face it most things Disney are. I bought Micah a Buzz lightyear for just £20, the cheapest I have seen it anywhere. I also got him some Handy Manny crayons carved in the shape of his tools; they were only £4, very pleased!

We visited Hotel chocolat too, I bought some gorgeous little heart shape chocolates, dark chocolate and chilli with nibs flavour. You get 28 in the pack and they cost £6.50, if you are a student you can benefit from a 5% discount. This will be making an appearance on the plates on Christmas day!

All in all a very enjoyable day, didn’t find everything I was looking for but really enjoyed the day. Thanks Anne!

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