Sunday, 31 October 2010

55 Sleeps to go....

I thought I would blog early today as I have so much to do. Liliana and Micah are still really not well; they have terribly sore throats and still have a fever. I have loads of collage coursework and uni work to do too. Once I have finished the heavy workload or my eyesight runs out I will then be moving on to some prep!

I am planning on cutting out the Christmas crackers today. I love making the crackers because you can pick card which matches your table design and colour scheme perfectly. You can also put a little gift in each which is personal to the person you are giving it to. They work wonderfully for name cards so everyone knows where they will be sitting. You can easily place a nice message to the person getting the cracker, maybe letting them know your favourite memory from the year spent with them.

My mind has also turned to the stairs garland; I am looking around for ideas as to how to go about doing it this year and making it more special than last year. I have found some fabulous interconnecting oasis cages for arranging garlands. It is a cheats way of doing it but if it saves a little time them I am all for it! You can find these on ebay at . I am thinking of using a colour scheme of purple and white. That will be the first time that pallet has been used in our house for Christmas, although it will only be in the hallway. The living room in traditionally burgundy and gold and the dining room will be gold and black.

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