Tuesday, 9 November 2010

46 Sleeps to go....

And they hung their stockings by the fire…

Whether you have a small stocking or a giant stocking it is going to need filling come Christmas morning. The stocking is one of the few places you can really have fun with the gifts that fill it, be imaginative.

There are a few things that should always be in the stocking every year like:
  • A Satsuma
  • Some nuts – assuming no nut allergy
  • A piece of coal

But in addition to those you can fill the stocking with fun little gifts, as a rule you shouldn’t spend more than £5- £10 on the contents of each stocking and less if possible. With the stocking it is not about how much you spend, it’s about bringing a smile pure and simple.

Some extras I rather like this year are:
  • Ikea soft toys  - Not only are these cheap, but this year with every teddy Ikea sells they are giving £1 to Unicef  and it will be used to give children in Africa an education. So a gift for you and a gift for a child elsewhere.
  • Give the gift of snow on Christmas day.
  • A lolly lickin’ loving heart Lollypop for just 25p
  • If there is always someone who just has top put their foot in it this Lollypop is just the thing to give a giggle.
  • A mind teaser
  • An out of this world snack treat.

If these are not for you then check out these shops and you are sure to find perfect fillers, have a little fun, be creative, the best memories are made when fun is had:

Have fun, be cheeky and vintage is great. Find out your guest’s fav old sweets and put a bag of those on the stockings too.

But when all is said and done when it comes to stockings it the bigger the better!

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