Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Yummiest Dessert ever........ or at least I hope so!!

Today has been a super busy day and it is not going to get any less busy for a while.
So I thought I would take a minute and show you what I spent the morning doing.

With the help of the children we have made a amazing cake for Good Friday's big family meal!
This cake is the master of all cakes!
It consists of a delectable biscuit base, which is far more than just biscuit.
With it nuts, granola and honey mixed with digestive biscuit.
Then their is a layer of delicate dark chocolate mousse with a touch of sea salt
(don't knock it until you've tried it!)
Then a layer of melt in the mouth milk chocolate cheesecake.
Then a layer of white chocolate, vanilla and honey cream.....ummmmm!
Topped with fresh blueberry and caramelised brown sugar to add a lovely crisp topping!
Then surrounded by milk and white chocolate swirls,
and finished with two Hotel Chocolat Small eggs.

Know you have read all about it would you like to see it?

Here it is.....

And just so you can really appreciate the crispy, blueberry goodness here is the top too.....

And a closer look at my little friend there...

If anyone would like the full recipe for this seriously hardcore dessert please let me know and I will post the recipe and how too.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!!


  1. Yes, please~~~ Want a bite and the recipe as well:)

  2. I will try and put it on before Sunday for you!