Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter holidays day 1...

Well the long awaited Easter holidays are here...
That means two weeks of over excited children to entertain!
 So we have spent some of the morning coming up with a plan of what activities we would all like to do.
These range from Pond dipping to Snail racing with many, many other activities in between.
Toward the end of this post I will include the list the children came up with.

Surprisingly other than egg hunts none of the activities have much if any cost too them.

Anyway today they decided to start of the fun with a Egg Hunt organised by the two oldest boys.
We provided them with a bag of foil wrapped eggs to hide.
The little ones were very excited about this and kept peeking so had to be sent to the living room to wait.

The boys were very good at hiding the eggs....

They hid them all over the place.
The garden mirrors....
With the garden toys....

....and in the apple tree as well as many, many more places.

When they found them they were very very excited....

As you can see Micah was rather pleased with himself and his green egg...

Liliana waited all of a minute before tucking in....

Fairy Larakia found a few and was rather proud!

Oliver really rather enjoyed finding them too.... 
Just in case the chocolate around the mouth is not evidence enough....

He thought you might like to see the inside his mouth too so you can truly appreciate the chocolaty goodness!
I realise that with me behind the camera it would be easy to think with no photos I am not really there so.....
here is a self portrait in one of our garden mirrors.... which needs a little spring clean!!

This lovely hunt is being followed by a yummy BBQ, cooked by the best BBQ chef in the world, David!!


So as promised here is the children's list (not all will necessarily be done this holidays)
  1.  Plant Sunflowers
  2. Plant Vegetables
  3. Camp out in the garden
  4. Camp fire
  5. Roast Marshmallows on the garden fireplace
  6. Paddling pool
  7. Picnics
  8. Walk by the river
  9. Visit the Play park
  10. BBQ'S (Many!!)
  11. Ice Cream Factory
  12. Easter Hunt
  13. Walk in Sherwood Forest
  14. Visit Clumber Park
  15. Visit Harwell Woods
  16. Bake Cakes
  17. Homemade Pizzas
  18. Make Easter Nests
  19. Snail Race
  20. Who am I - Woodland Animal version
  21. Pond dipping - need ideas where to go for this!
  22. Bare Foot Walk
  23. Colouring Competition
  24. Crazy food picnic
  25. Teddy Bears Picnic
  26. Making Easter cards for our lovely neighbour Jenny
  27. Make Jenny cakes
  28. Easter Bonnet making
  29. Leaf printing
  30. Role playing
Sounds like I have alot of planning ahead!!
We hope you all have a lovely Easter!
If you have any more ideas for us, Please SHARE them below.... 
Lots of people view this blog and they all love lots of ideas!!!

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