Sunday, 24 April 2011

Feliz Aniversário Hugo!!

We had the pleasure of joining in with birthday celebrations of a very cool little boy today!
He had a Mario birthday... which Micah especially loved.
This fabulous family are from Brazil who are some of the nicest,
sweetest people you will ever chance to meet.
Now the birthday boy was especially brave and wonderful today because sadly he has the chicken pox!
But he managed to put on a brave face and some chamomile lotion and party the afternoon away!!

As you can see he wasn't going to let a few spots spoil his big day!

So onto the cake.... Ummmmmm cake!!

Of course No Mario party is complete without a Mario cake!
Or for that matter a sparkler candle!!

What a beautiful and fabulously fun family!
Now everyone enjoyed the cake... yes that's right back to the scrummy stuff...

His little sister loved her cake and was very refined eating it with a spoon.
(So pretty!)

And well Micah was very proud of his cake until he realised he had accidentally pinched the birthday boys cake...
All was quickly rectified but not before snapping a photo of the all important cake.

It does look rather delish!

Everyone had fun from Aunties and little Sister...

To Lili's and West Daddy's....

And little babies not even a year...

One of which true to baby form had alot of fun with the wrapping paper and some bubbles....

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday.
More pictures to follow in the next couple of days......

And I have not forgotten about the recipe for the Ultimate dessert from the last post... Coming Soon!!

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