Saturday, 9 April 2011

New to the World.....

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a newborn baby named Joseph.
Ohhh he is the cutest little boy ever!!

He was so wonderfully behaved, slept the whole way through.

It was lovely to have cuddles with such a Sweet little man.

This family is the most inspiring family I think I have ever met.

They are here while Daddy studies.
He makes Violins and violas from blocks of wood!
It is incredible to see his workshop and violins in differing stages of finished.... 
I wish I had taken a photograph of some of his creations.

Anyway back to the sweet and wonderfully cute baby....

His Mummy is amazing too, 
She is an inspiration, she has taken to being a new Mum in her stride.
Which is something amazing for most of us to achieve!
But when you are in a whole different country to all your family it is just incredible!

Thank you Ssu-han and Chung-wei!
Your Baby is soooooooo cute!

He gives lovely cuddles too!!

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