Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A busy couple of days...

Oh my word what a busy couple of days it has been!

Yesterday I had the privilege, with the help of a fabulous friend to organise and run the schools annual         Easter egg hunt.

It was really great fun and the children were amazing, 
though it was alot of hard work and I was exhausted afterwards.

I was so proud of my beautiful children who helped in anyway they could with the running,
Harrison even ran around putting clues out for me!

It is so nice to know when the children are older they will have memories of their Mummy coming and doing some of the fun things at school. 
I will also have those memories forever, love it!

Then today was Blue bag day,
twice a year we have a company called Bag to school come and take away everyones old clothes and textiles they don't want anymore and they give us £500 per tonne!
That went smoothly with little work needed, which was fab after yesterday.
I have to say though some of out PTA have alot of energy!

This evening I decided to relax a little and for me that means getting some editing done.

This is what I did tonight....

I hope you like them!

I love photography but I love photographing Babies even more!

When those babies are adorable it makes it all the better!

What a beautiful family.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful and productive week.


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