Wednesday, 27 October 2010

59 days to go.....

I would like to start today’s post of with a request for help. I am looking for willing volunteers to be involved in a photo shoot. A family shoot of individual all volunteers are welcome. You will be issued with a digital copy of all pictures and if you like they can be made into prints or put on canvas. However if you require a hard copy you will need to pay the costs incurred in doing so.
Please leave a comment at the end of the post if you are interested, Thank you!

Ok so not much about Christmas today, but while we were walking to the dentist at lunchtime we came across some wild holly!! So we know where the holly will be coming from to dress the table and wreaths this year!

Today was Pudding’s (our puppy) first proper walk out of the garden today. She has been out once before but we drove to the woods, took a few photo’s and then came home so not really much of a walk really. She met lots of lovely people and got lots of excited cuddles from children including ours as she went on her way. She did however attract the attention of some drunken men too who we found a little scary. But trauma over after what has to be said for little legs a very long walk we have returned home to have dinner and for Pudding to sleep the evening away.

Tonight David and I are going to enjoy an at home cinema evening, we will be watching; Everybody’s Fine and The Bounty Hunter. So break out the popcorn and ice cream. The only thing left to decide is whether watch it on the 40” in the living room with an open fire of in bed on the cinema projector. Choices choices!

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