Monday, 25 October 2010

61 Sleeps to go....

Today we started our Christmas prep!!
We have planned all our meals and done a shopping list and even ordered everything we can pre-prepare to be delivered this week ready for MASS cooking next week!!
As we have very welcome visitors this year, we are pulling out all the stops to make Christmas as homely and cosy as possible.
Some may call our approach to Christmas Over board, however we believe there is nothing better than being prepared. Although I have to admit I love the work that goes into Christmas too, it really builds up the excitment in the house.

The special food we are planning begins on the 23rd, this day we will be going to see The Wizard of Oz pantomime and then returning home to our first extra special meal together. We will be enjoying a shoulder of pork with all the trimmings with Chocolate and raspberry tart for afters.

The 24th we have a tradition to enjoy a three fish roast on this day. We will have a starter of double baked sweet potato bake followed by the roast with new potatoes with a parsley and butter sauce and beans. To finish we will be enjoying mince pie stars with loaded hot chocolate by our flaming open fire. While we are eating Santa always visits and leaves us pj's and a charity gift to remind us how lucky we are. Last year he gave 3 children in africa vitamins for the whole year and 500 bowls of porridge! Once everyone is safely in their pj's we make sure we go outside to leave the reindeer some magic food so they are able to find us and fly onto the next house. We then come back inside put out the eggnog and cookies for santa and a extra special carrot for rudolf and off to bed for all the children.

The 25th....... well I will write about that tomorrow!

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