Saturday, 30 October 2010

56 Sleeps to go

Started out the day today with a lazy lie in, yes the children slept in!!!
Then I finished my Christmas gift shopping….. now just to make them. I would love to tell you all about what I have bought and what I will be making but little eyes whom will be receiving these gifts will be reading this and there will be no clues given by me!

Larakia and I had a trip to the supermarket (the sucky one) to pick up pumpkins and a few essentials which we forgot in the GIANT food shop. I find it fun that the children like going to the shops with me even though I am a mean Mummy and don’t buy them any treats. Larakia picked out the pumpkin and then insisted on carrying one of them around the entire shop. I have to admit she must be pretty strong because we picked the biggest pumpkins they had.

David and I have been in the kitchen the whole of the rest of the day cooking, only stopping for long and lovely cuddles with Liliana (who is still not well) and for little plays with the children. We have been super busy and made 150 sausage rolls, 100 pieces of flavoured chicken drumsticks, 75 bacon and sausage koftas, 50 Salmon and spinach bites. We are still in the process of making lots and lots of cheese and onion bite size pasties and empanadas. Although we are doing this together even David would admit he should not attempt to finish pastry! They are let’s just say rustic, bless him for trying!

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