Thursday, 28 October 2010

58 Sleeps to go.....

Another busy day today, though an enjoyable kind of busy!
I had the pleasure of enjoying visiting teaching with lovely ladies, and the fun of a very sweet little boy entertaining Oliver while I visited with his Mummy. I love visiting teaching and having a chance to get to know wonderful ladies and their families better. I took a little box of peppermint chocolate coated marshmallows for a little treat for my sisters with a little trick or treat note. I know I have left it a little late in the month to go but it’s better to go late than not at all!

Ok so today I also got the opportunity to go shopping with a very good friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. We made a visit to Lakeland I love this shop and could spend hours there. Only trouble is I find it hard to leave without spending a small fortune. However I was good today and only bought what I went for, one of these items was edible star!
These stars are amazing and will be making an appearance in our Christmas day wine glasses. The stars will float at the top of the glass adding a little sparkle to every drink. They can be used for all baking and decorating. A small vial of stars (which go a very very long way) cost £3.99 and come in either gold of silver. I have bought both and the gold will be used on Christmas day and the silver on new years.
I also bought hibiscus flowers in syrup which will also be decorating our wine glasses on that very special day. The flowers are amazing, you pop them into the bottom of your glass, add a sparkling drink like Asda’s non-alcoholic Muscat and during your meal they will open to reveal incredibly beautiful flowers.

I would love to hear about your traditions and ideas; we are always looking for ways to make Christmas even more fun and memorable for our family!

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