Friday, 29 October 2010

57 Sleeps to go....

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise,
A bubbly puppy with the name of pudding, bouncing and frolicking around.

The older children and I went to the woods today in Harwell to introduce our little Pudding to a new friend. We met up with some fab friends and introduced Pudding to her first ever dog encounter, a lovely little poodle called Jasper. They had lots of fun and got on better than I had expected. She is sleeping soundly now so I guess we managed to tire her out. We met a fully grown golden Labrador while we were out and he looked like he could have swallowed Pudding with one bite. My word she has a lot of growing to do!

The Asda delivery driver arrived mid afternoon with our giant food shop, he said he had never had such a big grocery delivery as ours. Admittedly it was a little over the top to look at, but it contains much for what we need for the next two months except obviously fresh things which you can’t stock up on.
By the time we got it all unloaded from the truck there was no space in the dining room at all. So now to process it all, luckily David has finished the new bench seats in the dining room so much of the tinned type stuff will now be stored in our new seats! He was clever in his design as he put hinges on the lid so we can easily access inside for an easy storage solution.

Now we have the busy task of cooking up all sorts of lovely things ready to freeze them for Christmas, oh and not forgetting Thanksgiving. Tonight we are marinating seven different flavours of chicken like bbq, lemon and herb etc. We are also going to be doing bacon wrap kebabs. We will be preparing lots of nibbling foods and freezing them on server plates so when we want to get out some snacks for lunch we can grab out a plate and it will have a big variation as to the yummy things to hand. There is a lot of work ahead but will definitely be worth it when it comes to Christmas and we don’t have to do anything but defrost and heat up. Except of course, the meals that have to be done from scratch on the day they are needed.

We have two very poorly little people in the house at the moment, Micah and Liliana have come down sick with what I assume is the virus Oliver had last week. They have a nasty fever and very sad sounding voices and coughs. Poor little things, there really is nothing worse than being poorly especially when you are so little.

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