Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Date night 3 - Make your home a hotel

Don't have a babysitter?
Do not have lots of spare money to book into a beautiful hotel?
Then making your home a hotel for a night is the perfect solution!!

If you are anything like us, going to a hotel can be very exciting but there are some home comforts that hotel's just can't replicate.
Saying that pretty much all of the luxuries of a hotel can be replicated at home.... OK so the room service is a Little harder but take out menu's can take care of that.

First things first, make sure your bedroom is completely tidy, you can't truly relax in a messy room.
If you do not have nice add on bed cushions then take them from other rooms and make your bed all comfy and soft. For me the cushions make a real difference to how luxurious the room feels.
If you want an extra touch of romance that you don't get in a hotel, take out those Christmas lights and hang them above the bed.... don't go overboard with lights or it will look tacky.

Add a couple of chocolates/ mints to the pillow too.

Once the bed is all made and prettified you can turn your attention to the hot drink supplies.
No hotel, even the cheap ones go without hot drink making facilities.
You can steal the kettle from the kitchen and a couple of mugs, hot chocolate sachets add to the hotel feel.
I coudn't take ours from the kitchen as it is built in but I managed to buy one from Tesco for less than £7.00!!

As you can see I wanted to make it a little more special and so I added chocolate stirring sticks, marshmallows, biscuits, cream and hotel chocolat's liquid chocolate – we use this as sprinkles for the top of hot chocolates. I also added some herbal teabags I made for David as he is very much a lover of chamomile tea.

Once that is all sorted it is time to turn your attention to the mini - bar!
It is worth considering what you both really like and whether you want to have to get up and go down stairs the next morning to make breakfast or whether you want breakfast in bed.
I decided we would be super lazy and have breakfast in bed so I bought a couple of tubs of porridge from Marks and Spencer's, some breakfast bars and fruit juice.

Most mini-bars in hotel's have a selection of nuts and crisps and things you don't really want at a ridiculously high price.
Well this is the perfect opportunity to make a mini-bar full of all your favorite things!

...So that is just what I did!
Now just because it is all there does not mean you have to eat it all in one night, however if you want to feel free as it is your luxury night 'away'.
Once you have taken care of all the basics hotel's have to offer now you can turn your attention to the extras you always say no to because they cost a small fortune and even if you can afford you just can't justify.

the champagne (for us it's non-alcoholic)...

Always makes an evening feel a little bit on the special side.
Pull out your best glasses that you save for anniversaries and special dinner parties.

Add a few extras like candles and face masks and nice creams to give you the spa feel.

Pick out a nice DVD and enjoy your evening.
We really enjoyed this date night and the best part is it does not have to cost anything, you can fill your mini-bar full of things from your normal shop or you can buy extra special items you wouldn't usually buy.
The most important thing is to enjoy it and make the most of your evening.

I can't express enough how important it is for couples to date, once you have got down the aisle it does not have to be the end of romance in fact it should mark the start of truly being able to spoil and get to know your husband/ wife.
Once the children are all grown up and moved out, it will be just the two of you.
Wouldn't it be nice to still feel the way you did on those very first dates when you are celebrating your 50th anniversary!

I am going to issue everyone who reads this a challenge....

Married or not do something romantic for your partner today!
If you are not dating right now do something nice for someone you live with.
Everyone needs to know from time to time that they are appreciated!


  1. Love this idea!! As soon as Olly Woo isn't sleeping in our room anymore I'll definately do this! :) x

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