Friday, 11 February 2011

Let the fun begin...

This week started out pretty quiet.
By Thursday...... yes yesterday..... seems so long ago.....
Our school PTA had their general meeting and as the previous PTA board wanted to step down after 5-6 years of service and working extremely hard to give the children the things schools budgets just don't stretch to.
So as one team leaves another must come in and try and fill the shoes of those her left.

So here we are, I have been voted in as the Chair of the PTA Board.
Some amazing ladies have been voted in as the secretary and treasurer and committee members.
I am so excited to get started on raising money!
We have our first project to raise money for and it is a wonderful and fun one.
Refurbishing the Nursery playground.
The school with help from the previous PTA are funding most of it but we are hopefully going to be funding;
1) A climbing frame play area
2) A sand play area
3) A water play area
4) A play shed with storage area

We have our wok cut out for us but we will get there!
We already have 3 fundraisers in planning stage;
1) A Easter fayre
2) A mother's day meal and gifts (on the Saturday)
3) A charity Auction

Love getting stuck into this kind of thing, so much fun!!!

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