Friday, 25 February 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

Children are fabulous!
They say the funiest things and always bring a smile to your face.
I have decided I am going to start a Magic Moments Journal.
In this journal I am going to write about all the cute things the children say.
For instance yesterday we were going to Pizza Hut for dinner and he kept calling it Pizza Hunt, everytime he said it, which was alot!
And when Liliana was looking at our wedding photo's she pointed to a photo of me and said "Mummy, it's a princess!" She was so excited, and she melted my heart.

I am also going to write about the fun things we do together and the wonderful conversations we enjoy.
Children grow so fast and we get so busy that we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the magical moments.

I can't wait, when the kids grow older or when I am having a hard day being able to open my Journal and find amazing memories which will bring a smile to my face, hopefully as big as my ringtone of Oliver laughing does!

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