Saturday, 4 December 2010

21 sleeps to go....

Today the Christmas turkey was purchased, the holly harvested (and permission to harvest the ivy secured) and the stockings (to hang from the chimney with care) were cut ready for assembly soon.

All this while watching our snow mountain reduce as it started to rain.

Bitter sweet...but hopefully the sub-zero temperatures tonight will freeze the ice slide so we can get a 5-7mph increase in speed on the lower drop!

Though with the fabulously fun snow melting a new beauty becomes apparent, the amazing things the cold does with melted snow!

At the moment we are trying to get ideas for how to cook the Christmas turkey.

This is my (more-or-less) normal method

 but I am wondering about new flavours... I had deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving one year while in El Cajon and that was so moist and yummy. It had been injected by the chef with all sorts of festive spices and herbs so, while I do not have a sufficiently large deep fat fryer, I frequently take advantage of this method of infusing the flavour throughout the meat.

Mmmm... Christmas dinner....

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