Sunday, 5 December 2010

20 Sleeps to go....

With snow still filling our streets and gardens church had to be cancelled, so what to do with an extra day at home?!
After spending some quality time enjoying some family activities and interesting discussions we then went about doing a few individual things. 
Samuel and Harrison went off to play Samuel's new games for the Xbox, Oliver and Liliana went for a well earned nap, David played Wii with Micah and Larakia and Becky went to make some Christmas gifts.

We had alot of fun and it actually took half the time I thought it would!

We made soap...

These are peppermint, cinnamon and rose hip.
Samuel has already tested them out and says they are I guess they pass!

Wrapped up ready for giving!

While the soap was setting we turned our hand to making bath melts...

These are cinnamon melts made with coconut butter.
These set extremely fast and took us by surprise, less than a minute!
You pop them in your bath either while drawing it or once drawn and allow to melt in the water, it gives a beautifully moisturising experience!

Once we had finished with those we checked on the soap and it wasn't ready to get out yet so decided to make some message bars...

These are my favorite, they are made with cocoa butter so melt slowly when they come into contact with the body releasing beautiful oil, which softens your skin wonderfully.
I infused them with lemongrass oil and herb, hibiscus flower and bergamot oil.

We had so much fun making them and the house smells amazing!

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