Wednesday, 8 December 2010

17 Sleeps to go....

Today's post is more of a rant than anything.... what about... well the grand, wonderful always a let down ROYAL MAIL!!!!!!!

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing in England over the past week, as of the 1st of December the Royal Mail have jumped on the opportunity to rise their profits for the year. By removing their guarantee on delivering special delivery parcels by the next day. replacing it with a promise of your package being their top priority.

After hours on the phone trying to locate my dress for David's work Christmas party I found that despite paying £6.95 for delivery it is being treated as second class post. Literally thrown in with all the rest of the mail.
On Monday it left Manchester for a far away land named Doncaster (about 1 hour 30 minute  journey) and has not been scanned since!
After speaking to at least 5 different Royal Mail workers I finally got the phone number for the Doncaster  post office, so off I went to ring it, thinking I was finally going to get somewhere. 
Only to be told that they may get to it in a few days, she was sure it had not been lost but is likely on a cage waiting to be sorted. 

So there is my pretty and amazing dress with a special tag labelled Special Delivery, lying in a cage in a cold cold warehouse along with all the second class mail, who's owners were not fooled into thinking paying more than twice the postage would get them to their new home a little faster where it is warm.

But the journey does not end there, once Lovely dressy gets free from it's Doncaster prison it comes to our local post office where they are also way behind and will sit for a few more days until I call up and ask about it and they say "oh, yes little dressy is here, you can come and collect her if you like!"

If I wanted to come and collect my packages I would not pay for a DELIVERY SERVICE!!!
(David is currently out at the post office picking up another parcel they have not even tried to deliver and I called about and when they found it was asked to come and collect it!!!)

So please spare a thought this evening for all the poor,cold and lonely parcels with the pretty little SP tag promising them a warm loving home would come faster, who are stranded unloved in a dark, drafty, cold, damp warehouse!

Lesson to be learnt:-


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