Monday, 6 December 2010

19 sleeps to go....

I love marzipan and we have a stack of it in the pantry ready for Christmas crafts when the kids break up for Christmas (if they ever get back, what with the stupid ice-rink roads preventing driving in a straight line). I was planning on a selection of ickle fruits hand crafted and delicately painted with food colouring. Not anymore!

Marzipan animals! What genius! What inspiration! Who wants stupid marzipan fruit? Not me!

Penguins. That is the way forward... an army of marauding penguins sweeping across the tundra.

Chased by a flock... herd... troop... drove... pack... litter (whatever) of fierce polar bears.
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Whatever a group of bears is called (I think it is actually a sloth or sleuth), these guys are the cutest!

Realistically I think that the polar bears are beyond my artistic talent- I think that Becky and Harrison will have to be drafted to help with these. But I am sure that a huge waddle of penguins can be assembled by the left-brainers in the family... that's if we can resist eating component body parts during the "art" process.

Mmmmm... marzipan! Delicious almond confectionery of the gods! So close to exaltation that to taste gives a glimpse of Zion! I love marzipan!

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