Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The joy of being married to...... me

I often feel sorry for David,
why you may ask...
well, he is married to me.

It can't be easy, 
if for no other reason than when I want to try something out on my camera
Guess who gets to be the guinea pig...

You got it, David.
 (here he is merrily reading on his iPad, minding his own buisness...hehe)

So tonight, I was reading a blog about using the AF-ON back button.
(This won't been anything to most of you)
So I decided to have a go, see if it really does improve focus and sharpness
of the image given that you don't have to half suppress the activation button before firing.

I think it is a success, 
although Oliver is going to become guinea pig #2 tomorrow,
as I hear it is great for fiddly little two year olds, 
and he just happen to be a very fiddly two year old!

I love photography!

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