Thursday, 3 January 2013

Santa baby.... new lens love

Santa was very generous to me this year!
He brought me a beautiful new lens for my wonderful camera!
I would show you a picture of it but my camera has adorned my new lens since the moment I opened it!
It is rather lovely and with a rather splendid aperture of 1.8f I couldn't be happier with it.
My house being built in 1880 was not build with camera lighting in mind!
Therefore it is a constant battle to take beautifully exposed photos in the house without flash....
I hate using flash unless I have too. 

So, I have not fully got the hang of it yet, but with plenty of practise 
I will be covering my walls with even more pictures of my stunning children!

So here are my first attempts at using my new, did I mention beautiful (?), lens;

I am so pleased with them, all natural light in my living room, just standing in front the the Christmas tree!
Oh my word,I could just eat my kids up, I may be biased, but my word they are scrummy!!

And here is where they get it from... ummm he is smoking!!!

Thank you Santa x

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