Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Men and their toilet routines.... (Potty training)

Oliver is potty training!
That means no more nappies for The West House!

Having potty trained 3 boys and 2 girls before
I approach training Oliver with trepidation and caution.

With boys there is no point even trying until you are sure he is ready.
There is no perfect age, every child is different.
What works for one may not work for another.
I have read all sorts of advice of the years, but my training rules are:

  • Never get cross about accidents - make them a teaching opportunity, tell him that was wee wee, or poo poo, put him on the potty/ toilet and tell him that's where it goes. Put poo poo's down the toilet and tell him that's where they go, so he associates the feelings of going to the toilet he has just had with wee and poo and where it is meant to go.
  • Be prepared to try different things - some may take to the potty others may prefer going straight to the toilet. Offer both options an let your child guide you. (hint: if using the toilet, give them a toilet seat they can just pop ON TOP of the adult seat... that independance is great for you and him! also it's scary up there, give him a step and choose a seat with support handles. They cost a little more but the confidence they give is paid back 10 fold!)
  • Book a week off - take a week where you can spend all day everyday at home.
  • Naked does it - if your child is happy with it let them run naked, that way accidents are obvious and it gives you a chance to explain the puddle is wee wee and put them on the toilet/potty.
  • Listen - there are many cues from your child when they need to 'go'. Including the bubbling ones from their bottom...... you don't want to miss those.... they get messy fast!
  • Reward - we choose to reward with stickers, monster stickers to be precise. make a big deal of every success and play down the failures.
  • Story it up - talk to them about potty training and read them stories. (In another post I will introduce you to 'The Potty Monster')
  • Be flexible - If it is not working out be prepared to stop for a while. Despite what you may read online, sometimes they are just not ready and pushing through will bring nothing but stress and a distressed toddler.
  • Make it fun - Give them things to do while waiting.... reading is a firm favorite in our house amongst the men!
  • Keep it clean - Keep cleaning supplies to hand, you WILL need them!
Saying all of that, even on #6, I don't have all the answers!
Each child can throw up new problems and surprises when it comes to training.
I had the girls trained within two days, 
two of the boys took months to be dry at night 
and one of them was dry from day 1 day and night.
So far Oliver has only used the potty a couple of times but he woke up with a dry nappy this morning!!
So who knows, and honsetly it does not matter....

Take it as it comes!

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