Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Years Eve 2012!

 The end of a crazy year!

We have a lot of family traditions and one we started last year, 
which proved to be popular,
was to fill and bury a time capsule.

Here it is all dug up after its first year in the ground...
Looking.... pretty... maybe I should paint it next year!

The children were very excited to have a reminder of what they put into it last year.

So here it is... all that was important enough to out in last year.
I would like to be able to tell you the reasons for each item...
But some...I have no clue!

We had:
  • A Glitter Berry J2O.... these are just yum... nuff said!
  • Kool Aid... again yum?!
  • My ticket to Samuel's concert at the Sheffield arena
  • A Chinese news paper from David's first business trip to china
  • Buzz Lightyear.... loved by everyone!
  • A nappy.... we had hoped it would be the last year we had nappies in the house... that will be 2013!
  • A photo from my first wedding photo shoot 
  • A photo of all the children's fav teddies of 2011
  • A snow angel picture... loved the snow of the last few years.
  • Pictures from Mine and David's lake district an Scotland work trip.
  • Letters from me to each member of the family.
  • Ink and ink pen, from our lovely and wonderful neighbour
  • A pound coin...a little secret behind that one.... I'm not telling : p
So we then had to decide what was to go in this year...

  •  I chose photos from David's cancer fight
  • Larakia chose a flip book she got from her great-grandparents for Christmas, she had so much fun with this on Christmas day. She thought it was amazing... paper can do that?! hehe
  • David chose a Rabbit Suicide card I sent him.... I write to David regularly over the year... I still post the letters like when he was on his mission.
  • Liliana chose a colouring book.... her fav thing to do of all time!
  • Harrison picked a racing Christmas pudding we got in our crackers this year.
  • Micah chose our soft reindeer.... not sure why....
  • Harrison chose a couple of army men... the was so excited to pull them out of his stocking this year.
  • Although not pictured Oliver put in a sweetie.... what 2 year old does not love sweets!!
  • We decided to put the letters and some of the photographs back in for another year too.
 We finished our evening with some indoor fireworks...

They looked more impressive in person...
the second set were crazy... you lit them and they uncoiled like they were growing!
The kids LOVED them!

Happy 2013 everyone!!

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