Thursday, 27 January 2011

I think therefore I Du Vin! - A weekend in York

In celebration of our Anniversary we had the wonderful opportunity (thanks to some fab babysitters - Thank you!) to go away for a night at a luxury hotel, The Du Vin.
We were welcomed to our beautiful room with a sweet little note from the management...

We felt right at home in our lovely room as it had 10ft ceilings, often when we go away we find it a little cramp feeling due to the height at home. 
Also the bed was almost the same as ours at home, except it was Beech and ours is mahogany. 
This was lovely because having a super king sized bed at home going to a hotel and getting a double bed or king size bed just doesn't feel like luxury!

Now there was something very special in the bathroom... not only two sinks and mirrors, so we didn't even have to share! But also a walk in huge shower with a nice big shower head allowing for a nice drench shower. 
But also and this is my favorite part.... A roll top free standing bath!!!

David got settled very quickly and began preening himself ready for going out.

This hotel likes to do things a little differently and pride themselves on the luxury feel of their hotel.
The hallway of the hotel was no exception to this rule, the chandelier was a piece of art in it's own right.

That's right it is made from Crystal glasses.
We made the most of every moment we had while we were away, 
Beginning by travelling there by train so we could relax and chat.... which we did the whole way.
Then after settling in to our room we went out to a Costa coffee just down the road from the hotel and enjoyed a couple of hours of reminiscing and drinking Delicious hot chocolate...ummmm!
We then enjoyed a very rare occurrence for us.. we went to the cinema!!
This was a interesting experience, it was a very small cinema, also walking distance from the hotel.
The screen was tiny compared to anything I had ever seen before, not much bigger than our home cinema projection system. 
Throughout the film we enjoyed a rustic experience of film watching with flickering film and large black dots appearing now and again.
Being short and the seats all being about the same level, once people came in and sat in front of me I could not see the film. David being the gentleman he is gave me his coat folded up to sit on.
We watched The King's Speech which was amazing, I loved it!!
To be honest the Rustic atmosphere actually added to this film, though not sure I would have wanted to watch Avatar there.

After the film it was time to go and have our meal at the Du Vin restaurant.
The food was amazing, a true culinary delight!
The service was a little slow and the drinks well there is a whole story about those, or the lack of those.
We decided in the end to have our dessert brought up to our room, which was fabulous and we enjoyed chatting until 2am... knowing we would not have to get up at 6am for children!

The next morning I woke up first and decided to take advantage of half an hour of peace and enjoy a little reading.  David bought me a Sony E-reader with a selection of books on it for my birthday.
I am reading My Sister's Keeper at the moment.
David woke about 10am, we got ready and went downstairs for breakfast.
They served the most amazing yogurt I have ever had and it was served in a nice pot too.
The breakfast was brilliant and filled us up so much we didn't bother with lunch.

I then went to settle up the bill and to my surprise after all the shenanigans with the drinks, they had taken the drinks and service charge off our bill!! Bargain!!

We then went into York city centre, to the Art museum.
They had a exhibition which I guess you could loosely label art, entitled Hats.
This was basically a collection of hats and paintings with hats in them, but the pictures didn't follow any sort of coherent progression. 
However half way around we found a display which made us laugh and think of David's Mum.

This may seem like a odd collection to remind you of your mum or mum - in - law... 

And indeed it is...

But the title of the collection will bring a smile to her face and she will know exactly why it made us think of her!!


By the time we had finished here and done a little shopping it was time to get the train home.
On the train we chatted away the whole time and arrived home before we knew it.

We had a fabulous time and made some amazing memories.

Thank you so much to those wonderful babysitters who made it all possible!!


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