Sunday, 16 January 2011

8 layers but is the result worth the work?

I have been playing around with some old photo's lately.
Not sure if the results are worth the effort... do they only look good to my eye?
That's the trouble with photography and art what is pleasing to one person may not be pleasing to another.

Here is an example of some of the playing around I have been doing:

The original

And here is the altered version

Which is better?
For David it is the second one, as this according to him represents what he saw the day the picture was taken.

Here is a different type of alterations I have been practicing:


And here is the edited version

I like to think it is worth the effort but is it really?!
Any thoughts?
Does anyone have any pictures they would like me to have a go at?

I have to admit it has become lots of fun to have a go at making the photo's better!

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