Saturday, 16 July 2011

What's more British than the Seaside?!...

On Monday we are having our school Fete.
The theme is 'Best of British'.

We are having loads of different stalls 
from strawberries and cream
to bowl the pig (not 100% sure what that one involves!)

I offered to do a comic foreground and photographs on the day....
Must have been mad as I had no idea how to make one or if I could draw well enough.
It took weeks to decide what picture to paint..
I went through ideas such as...
Mr Men and Little Miss,
Little Britain,
Super heroes,
and many more but settled on the traditional...
The Beach Scene!

Ok so still had to work out how to draw it..
With the help of Love is I came up with the design...

OK, so I had the sketch on the pad...
It had to some how get onto a HUGE piece of MDF.

This is where I was soooooo glad to own a projector!!
A little charcoal and the magic of the projector and....

And we have a similar picture on the board.
Now to paint it....

I actually think it turned out pretty good.
Yes it is very basic but hey, I have not drawn anything for years!

Hopefully the weather will hold out on Monday.

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