Thursday, 7 July 2011

Laughs, giggles and a pinch of lovliness...

OK, so I finally finished backing up my system and archiving sessions!
Also done with the leaflet designing... that's gone to the printer to, well print!!
So that meant that this afternoon/ evening was left open to edit....Yay!
(I know alot of use of exclamation marks, but I am pleased that all the above is done)

So here they are, a selection from Saturdays Session...

This was such a fun family to work with...

There is something just perfect about a Mummy - Daughter relationship...

So sweet!

I love the innocence of little girls, 
They have a whole world of there own!

One way to cheer up a child fed up of having her photo taken!

 Maybe I am a bit of a romantic but this next one is my favorite,
I love it!

Looks fab in B&W too!

Thanks for looking!

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