Sunday, 31 July 2011

A pair of white trousers...

This has been one heck of a week for us.
It started with Harrison getting baptised
and then led onto a week camping
(pictures and blog to follow...)

Harrison had a fabulous day!
We are so proud of him.
The talks were wonderful...
Thanks to two fabulous ladies.

It's crazy to think only eight years ago he was a 
9lbs 10oz mass a cuddliness!

Harrison had a lovely table along side the food after his baptism.
He had a very sweet idea that he would like to remember his day and everyone who came.
We had a think and decided the best way to do it was...

To ask everyone to leave a nice note...
in case you can't read what he wrote, here is a bigger version...

Lots of lovely people left wonderful messages 
which are now sitting soundly in Harrison's new journal.

We like to give the children a special new journal on their baptism day.
So they can write how they feel and about who they are.
What better day to start writing your life journey than the day of joining the true church?!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in and who came to celebrate the day with Harrison.
You made it extra special for him!

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