Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Jelly Baby Eating Squirrel!?!

This weekend we had the opportunity to celebrate a very special 
at home with the wests family members 8th birthday!
(Although his actual birthday is on Monday.)

Harrison put lots and lots of thought into what he would like to do to mark this occasion.
After trips to theme parks had been suggested and promptly ruled out
he eventually came up with camping.
This sounded awful when suggested as earlier in the week a number of us had the flu.
However we planned to camp anyway and made the arrangements.
By Friday morning everyone was feeling a little more human and able to camp!!

On Wednesday we realised we didn't have a tent anywhere near big enough to hold all of us...
So the rush was on to find the perfect tent,
(there is no point spending money on a rubbish one)
that could be delivered no later than 10am Friday.

Thankfully we managed it,
we found a perfect 4 bedroom, 
1 living room, 
10 person tent which could arrive by 10am Friday!!

So the camp was on!

We decided as we were only camping for one night we shouldn't go too far...
There is a fabulous park in Lincoln and it has a campsite attached to it too...
The site was picked!

We packed everything up and off we went.

When we arrived and put up the tent we turned around and saw one of our views...

We were being overlooked by a big block of flats!
Although this was a little worrying we finished putting the tent up and went for a walk...

We then met The Squirrel...
He looked like a nice Squirrel...
Like he wouldn't hurt a fly...
(Though we had been warned by the warden a Squirrel had bitten someone earlier that day!)
This one looked nice and friendly....
David was casually eating his Jelly Babies...
Minding his own business...
When SNATCH!!!

Off went the Squirrel with the Jelly Baby!!!
So it was indeed a Baby eating Squirrel if not a man eating Squirrel!
(Oliver found this surprisingly funny considering he was the closest thing to a baby the Squirrel would have left after eating the Jelly version!)

We were greeted by many more Squirrels upon our intrepid adventure.

After all the excitement we came across a log in an area lit just so,
so of course I made everyone sit and have portraits taken.
They are going to find their way into our hallway just as soon as I have finished editing them...
But here is one or two as a taster...

(compressed for web, so looks a little bitty)

While taking these photos 
(Which there are loads more... better ones!)
We got harassed by our little friends again...

Oliver decided to face him down...
and not just to sit back and become the next meal!

Guess who won....
OK so with father's day coming up we decided to take a nice piccy for Grandads to say Happy Father's Day with.....

Oh actually that one won't make it into this post...
Coming soon to a post near here!!
Went had some fun in the play park...
 David keeps forgetting he is 30.....something... and well isn't invincible any more!

This is him after trying to jump on the swing while it was....
well, swinging!
So funny....... sure it hurt but, you have to laugh.
Duppy David!

We had a midnight feast (at about 9pm),
and late night walks..
Where Toads,
and Moths were spotted.

Such fun!

I can't wait for our next camping adventure...
We will be on bikes by then so that's a whole lot more mischief we can achieve!

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