Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hills and Strawberries.......

As I am sure everyone is aware we have recently re-taken up bike riding.
This week David and I decided to go for a nice little ride to pick Strawberries.

and just to show I was actually there....
I let David loose on my beautiful precious camera...

OK, so this ride took us over hills and along 12 miles of road.
We had so much fun,
though by the time we were coming home we were all getting a little tired.

David was looking super hot in his cycling gear..

Such a hottie!!
Any who getting a little side tracked here....

The little ones rather liked the Strawberry picking..

Little Miss enjoyed picking and did a very good job of filling her basket.

Little Man enjoyed the Strawberries too....
He soon covered the inside of the trailer with strawberry juice and squished remains!

After a little snack and drink break we promptly rode back,
arriving at school with 30 minutes to spare before picking up the other children.
Not bad!

When we got home I got on with the job of preparing the fruit ready for jamming!

I love this time of year,
There is nothing whatsoever better than eating a piece of toast,
covered in scrummy jam made from strawberries we have picked as a family...
even better, this year half the juicy yummy strawberries have been grown in our garden too!!

Loving summer and it's only just begun!!

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