Monday, 14 March 2011

Three Peak Hike

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Your help is needed!
On behalf of Everton School PTA we will be embarking on a huge challenge!!

During the summer holidays we will be taking to the mountains.... the three tallest in the United Kingdom to be exact.
Over the space for three days we will be driving 791 miles, climbing and hiking 30 miles, over 3 speperate peaks.

Ben Nevis (Scotland)
Scafell Pike (The Lake District)
Snowdon (Wales)

We are so excited about the challenge ahead and can't wait to start planning our routes and where we will stay etc.

What can we do to help I hear you ask.... well we won't be asking you to climb the mountains too but we will be asking for your support in the way of sponsorship!!

So if you would like to donate money, then please contact us as you can do it via cheque, cash or paypal.
Together we can make a difference!

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