Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's been a while....

It's crazy how fast time can go by when you are busy!
The last few weeks have seen alot of fun for The West's and a little sickness (again) too.
It has also seen a few milestones for some of the West family such as:
  • Liliana - has potty trained fully and had several outings without any accidents!! - Nappy FREE!!!
  • Oliver - is now up and about, he can now walk when just holding on for confidence!
  • David - has taken a week's holiday and so far NOT WORKED!!!! (He is a workaholic)
  • Becky - with the help of some wonderful ladies has helped raise £1332.40 for the school playground fund!!!
  • Larakia - has been consistently been getting all her spellings right!!
  • Samuel - has made some serious improvement in his maths, which he was doing really well in anyway!
  • Harrison - had a fabulous report from his teacher in his late parent-teacher conference.
  • Micah - has been in a good mood EVERYDAY!!!!
So all in all it has been a good few weeks, we are enjoying taking some stop time and actually being able to see each other and enjoy each other.
Making Magic Memories to Last a Lifetime!!

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