Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wow, it's been a while!


Good to see you!!

I keep going on to far away friends blogs to see what they have been upto,
Only to find they have not blogged in a loooong time.....
Then I realised, neither have I!!

So here we go....
We had a super fun summer, which included many fun activities.
My favourite had to be going upto Scotland with David.
We took a train and then cycled over hills and mountains, it was truly stunning!
When we arrived at our hotel we found it was a bit of a work in progress.
Not quite what we were expecting, but quickly settled in.

We spent the next day doing lots of fun activities, like;
Off road driving
Blindfold driving
Axe throwing

It was ALOT of fun!
Though I did make a fool of myself and set a new record at the place we stayed at.
How did I do that I hear you ask....
Well I got 30ft up a tree and then slipped and fell (harness attached)....
Upside down into a static caravan!
Slightly bruised but nothing more than my ego was!
 Oh and I won the Blindfold driving...
David by far won the axe throwing, which is oddly a relief....
If we ever need protecting he can do it!!!

That night we missed the "bus" to the nearest restaurant, uphill 2 miles away.
So we had to walk it, which was actually rather nice.

This was our lovely view!

The next day it was time to be packing up to come home (I think, I can't really remember).
On the way we stopped to take in the scenery a little
and enjoy the wildlife....

Who seemed to enjoy the taste of bike seat....

Crazy cow!!

We rode in pouring, no torrential rain.... we have never been so wet before!
Even enjoyed a few bolts of lighting while at the top of the mountain....
Holding on to our metal bikes, in shorts, and no cover!

We even Had time for a little fun...

(Sorry, we have a sick sense of humour!)

And just passed the top of that rather steep (much more than is evident in this picture)
We had a little moment of reflection...

It was an amazing trip,
Filled with some beautiful memories.

A perfect way to relax a little after what had been a 
slightly stressful start to the year.

Well plenty more wonderful memories to be made before the year is out.

Thanksgiving is coming up,
 (we know we are not American, but it is special to us as a family for many reason) 
David going to Scotland and China, 
Christmas work party.... always a wonderful way to kick of the festivities!,
Seeing Santa,
Christmas fair,
Stake carol concert,
School Nativities,
Ward Christmas party,
Christmas itself, for the first time in years just us!,
New years eve, and all the fun we enjoy with that.

I am sure there is much, much more too.

I love my family and the memories they have already given me and the ones yet to come.

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